It’s Blo-og, It’s Blo-og, It’s Better Than Bad, It’s Good!

A Blog really IS similar to the “Log” toy from the “Ren and Stimpy” show!

Blogs are bad because they encourage and enable this age of non-anonymity we are in.
No longer can we comment on news articles under a phony name…or look up how to rob a bank just for shits and giggles without getting flagged by the authorities.
But it’s better than bad, because it can be absolutely revealing if you want it to be.
It’s a not-so-new vessel for personal expressionism. Blogs can and do help people. And, it can be therapeutic in a narcissistic way.

So I too, finally have a blog (not without the associated email\Facebook\Instagram accounts).
Now, what the hell do I do with it?!

It all seems so easy…set up a blog account that’s not already taken, and then pour some words out of your fingers!
Not so, says me. I have many many many questions:
What to blog? Should I maintain a focus, or a niche? Or should it be more general…a blog to grow with perhaps?
What not to blog? Should I use my real name? Is it ok with my wife if I use her name? What about friends and other family?
Is there a not-to-blog list of topics?
And what’s the legal way to post photos? It seems easiest to use my own. So, should I buy a real non-phone camera?
What about those hashtags everyone uses? Where do those go?
And how to I make my blog pretty? Do I need to select a special platform to publish from? I thought WordPress did that already.
And how do I change words into hyperlinks? Do I need to consult a guru?
Where do I find a blog consultant?


I’m going to keep it simple. I won’t overthink it.
Simple seems good right now…simple sounds clean.
I will be honest.
I’m going to take my own pictures.
I won’t use any real names, maybe an initial only with permission, of course.
I recognize that this will take time, and accepting that my blog is a work in progress is part of the fun.
And fun is why I’m blogging.


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