The Topic of Ta-Ta’s

This week is World Breastfeeding Week 2014.
I’m knee-deep in fresh mommy hood, and I’m annoyed at and embarrassed by the nasty behavior I’ve witnessed amongst some moms out there regarding breastfeeding on social media.

There are pro-breastfeeding women who are lashing out against formula-feeders. I get it. There are a ton of studies out there that show that “Breast is Best”, and there are moms out there who choose not to breastfeed out of laziness and vanity…BUT…what if:
Mom physiologically can’t produce enough to satiate her hungry baby, or if Mom’s inverted nipples don’t allow for a proper latch, or Mom needs to take medication that enters the breast milk, or if Mom has to go back to her job at 4 weeks postpartum because she doesn’t get paid for maternity leave and her job conditions don’t allow her to pump. A LOT of babies need to be supplemented with formula…
And that is precisely the point. Babies need it, and many moms simply do not have a choice of how.

Feed the babies!!!!
However you can!!!!
Maybe it should be renamed “World Baby-feeding Week”?



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