A blog-a-day is hard.
The hailstorm of information thrown upon us each day is relentless.
How do we ever choose which little icy balls to collect, and how long will we hold onto them before they melt?
Do my additions really matter that much?
These blogs are for myself, and I forgive me for breaking my daily blog commitment.

I’ve only been busy living:
Making my 6 month-old laugh with a mere glance, and teaching her how to crawl.
Cleaning my bedroom so that my partner’s allergies calm down when she sleeps.
Going on a first-time visit to the grocery store with an extremely content infant.
Cooking a special winter fondue dinner eaten intermittently between diaper changes and failed nap time attempts.
Quietly observing my baby’s newly discovered fine motor skills, inspecting every object she touches with intense amazement.

No, not fail.


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