Creating new habits in order to starve off others.
Curbing habits in order to feed others.

I’m fascinated by the various ways people accomplish tossing bad habits.
And, I always wonder how successful people become motivated, and then stay motivated. This is a skill I have never mastered.

Some people drink diet Coke so that they can eat ice cream.
Some people workout every day after work so they can go out drinking on the weekends.
Others start a chewing gum addiction to help them quit smoking.
Some people elevate their goals to be of monumental, yet attainable heights, and visualize that goal daily while working so hard to achieve it.

Some use positive reinforcement.
Some use negative consequence,
I truly believe that some people just possess innate drive.
Personally, I need both positive reinforcement and reward. And that reward needs to be different than anything else I’ve ever received, unless it’s money. (Cold hard cash is always an effective motivator.)

Having a baby and raising one has been hard.
The rewards are confusing: they are tiny and huge at the same time. However priceless and invaluable they are, they are easily taken for granted.
The reward is also not immediate: waiting for that first smile seemed like years, yet 3 months later I can’t explain why I don’t try to capture the barrage of smiles beaming from her every few minutes.
It also hard because the goal is not clear and is forever changing.
So far, my goals have ranged from: “keep your unborn baby safe” to “prevent an ear infection by un-sucking all the boogers” to “choose the best babysitter” to “start a college saving plan.”

My daughter is my new habit.
It has starved off many many many other habits, some that are missed and some which are forgotten.
And seeing her smile is one of the best rewards I never knew to ask for.


The Topic of Ta-Ta’s

This week is World Breastfeeding Week 2014.
I’m knee-deep in fresh mommy hood, and I’m annoyed at and embarrassed by the nasty behavior I’ve witnessed amongst some moms out there regarding breastfeeding on social media.

There are pro-breastfeeding women who are lashing out against formula-feeders. I get it. There are a ton of studies out there that show that “Breast is Best”, and there are moms out there who choose not to breastfeed out of laziness and vanity…BUT…what if:
Mom physiologically can’t produce enough to satiate her hungry baby, or if Mom’s inverted nipples don’t allow for a proper latch, or Mom needs to take medication that enters the breast milk, or if Mom has to go back to her job at 4 weeks postpartum because she doesn’t get paid for maternity leave and her job conditions don’t allow her to pump. A LOT of babies need to be supplemented with formula…
And that is precisely the point. Babies need it, and many moms simply do not have a choice of how.

Feed the babies!!!!
However you can!!!!
Maybe it should be renamed “World Baby-feeding Week”?