The Lesbian Lifetime Evolution

Disclaimer: This evolution does not apply to all lesbians…it is merely opinion and a micro-cultural observation-based account.

A woman realizes she loves women.
Living consists of relationship-making in secret…online, in person.
Then “coming out” happens (hopefully).
Living consists mainly of relationship-making and career-building.
Party, savor living, travel (not in any order).
Then continuing with marriage, travel, and maybe raising children.
Middle-aged life rolls on, maintaining or changing careers, becoming an expert juggler of personal/family time and work life.

The end.



I’ve heard lots if things about how having kids will change my life:

“Your life will never be the same. But it will be better!”

“It’s a ton of hard work, but it’s SO worth it!”

“Your body will hate you for it, but you really won’t care.”

“Kids keep you young at heart.”

“Having kids forces you to finally grow up.”

“Having kids ages your body.”

“They (kids) are constant entertainment.”

“You just never know what kind of kid you’re gonna get!”

I listen to all of these statements with a grain of salt. I’ve always figured I will take life as it’s thrown at me, and then form my own opinions.
Our child is still in the womb, and my first opinion has already formed:
Having kids teaches patience.

Even while trying to conceive, waiting the dreaded two-weak-wait….patience.
Waiting for the genetic test results…patience.
Is it a boy or a girl?…patience.
When am I going to feel her kick?…patience.
And now, how much longer till this baby finally comes already?…patience.

I’m glad, because we’re going to need to be experts in order to teach our daughter patience too.

I can hear Axl Rose whistling as I type this.


Baby, It’s been cold outside…

The deep freeze here in New England is finally over (for now), and I’m back from my holiday hiatus!

And I’ve got wonderful news!
I’m pregnant with our first daughter!!!

I’ve been keeping the secret out of the blogosphere until I was into my 2nd trimester. Wifey and I are beyond thrilled….we’re excited, anxious, and a little nervous…all normal feelings. I am due in July and I hope this blog will evolve with me as I dive into parenthood and beyond.

Latest lesbian problem: androgynous, simple maternity clothing. Yes, I’m showing, however I don’t look preggo, I only look fat and sloppily dressed due to lack of proper wardrobe for said belly. Every maternity shirt I find has either a scoop or boat neck, a super-feminine print, or has some frilly crap on it. Sure I could wear oversized sweatshirts and maternity jeans (which there are plentiful choices), but I absolutely cannot wear that to work. For sure, this is an untapped market. Gap and Old Navy try hard, but their tops just don’t cut the mustard. I welcome any and all suggestions!


Well, Which Is It?

Husband & Wife?
SO (significant other)?

In this modern age, in America, in Boston MA, the first state to legalize same sex marriage, it frustrates me to no end that people still use terminology that excludes many legally married people.

And I hear it from all sorts of people: cable TV customer service, Dr.’s office receptionists, medical professionals, manicurists, co-workers…you name it!

It’s time for the people of America to get with the program!

Sometimes when strangers ask about my husband, I simply reply that I do not have one of those, that I have a wife, and I’m sure to include a death stare.

Actually, I like to think I am grateful for every one of these occurrences, because every time I correct someone, I’m hopefully opening their eyes to the world around them.